Full Funnel Freedom / 042 Marketing and Sales *Can* Work Together! with Caleb Clark from Hook + Ladder Digital

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Episode notes

This week, we have Caleb Clark on the show to talk about how marketing and sales can collaborate and work towards a common goal. Caleb is the co-founder and chief partnership officer at Hook + Ladder Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency that supports client partners across multiple industries, including hospitality, finance, home services, real estate, construction, and environmental conservation.  

What You'll Learn:

- How organizations can get sales and marketing to work together

- Creative ways to keep your pipeline consistently and reliably full

- How to develop a symbiotic relationship between sales and marketing

- The process of creating a unified sales and marketing team

- Early warning signs of a lean pipeline

- The benefits of having a consistently full pipeline

- Understanding how marketing can support sales and vice versa

- Caleb's advice to his younger self on how to become better at selling

We all agree that sales and marketing are equally important in an organization. Unfortunately, most companies let their sales and marketing teams work independent of each other. While marketing and sales working together might look like a bad idea on paper, the reality is they're both working towards the same goal - business success. 

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