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067 Beware the Boogie Prospect!

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Episode notes

Who is a boogie prospect, and why are some salespeople so afraid of them?

The boogie prospect is a creature that exists in a salesperson's nightmares and nowhere else. It holds all the power in the conversations and rarely gives anything away. It makes outrageous demands and gets upset when those demands aren't met. Like parents who put a nightlight in their child's room to scare away the monsters, we can be that light for the salespeople who fear running into the boogie prospect. 

In today's episode, we discuss how sales leaders can be the light for their salespeople without absolving them of their responsibilities. 

What You'll Learn: 

- Who is a boogie prospect?

- How sales leaders can become the light of their salespeople

- Using mindset work to get over a bad prospecting call

- Why salespeople are data-gathering individuals

- Ways to disarm the boogie prospect

- How to detach yourself from negative outcomes

- Dealing with emotionally charged prospects 

If we discover that our salesperson encountered a boogie prospect, our support starts with their mindsets. With mindsets in place and the right tools for disarming boogie prospects, our salespeople will be more likely to stay on track, and if they do have a bad sales call, they'll get on another one faster.

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