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101 Use Objections to Create Offers that Make Closing Easy, with Dave Valentine

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Dave Valentine is a serial entrepreneur who owns seven companies that work with thousands of clients around the world every single day. Dave believes businesses were built for people, and not for spreadsheets.

In this episode, we will learn how to create your offers from your customer's objections to land the proposals you didn't think possible.

What you’ll learn: •    The importance of positioning your services to your buyers. •    Why being everything to everyone isn't a viable strategy. •    What to look for in an SDR partner. •    How your buyer's objections can work to your favor in making the sale. •    How to arrange your sales calls for maximum impact. •    Why you can't dwell on bad calls. •    How automation can be used to prevent burnout. •    How to leverage LinkedIn to not annoy prospects.     

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The InWork Podcast with Dave Valentine


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