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123. How a Struggling Sales Team Created 80% Predictability in their Funnel, with Kirk Nelson

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Episode notes

Kirk Nelson noticed an issue. His team of eight salespeople were only booking 110 business development meetings a year. How did he change the team so that they began to book 30 meetings a week? 

Kirk streamlined the sales process by implementing a standardized approach and eliminating custom solutions.  Additionally, by devoting their focus on deals with a next action and agreed upon date, their sales funnel was kept healthy and efficient.

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What you'll learn:

  • What's the difference betwen sales and technical experts - and why you need both
  • Why you shouldn't be involved in deals where you "Chase the rabbit."
  • How attempting to develop custom solutions may be slowing you down.
  • What is the Socratic selling methodology.


AI is here.  Is your sales team ready?

Technology is changing the way buyers and sellers interact. Clear, concise communication is more important than ever and personalizing that communication will be the difference between winning and losing deals.

Download this guide to learn how to use technology as a weapon.

Not only the words and topics of conversations, but the nuance of how to tailor communications, both written and spoken to match the desires of the buyer.

This guide will discuss:

  • Using AI to Profile the buyer
  • Identify Behavioral Data
  • Target Buyers and Influencers

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The #1 Sales Teams: Superior Techniques for Maximum Performance - by Stephan Schiffman

Kirk Nelson on Twitter: @kirkoncash