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068 How to Use Stories to Inspire Your Sales Team with Stephanie Paul, author of Unlock the Magic of Story

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Episode notes

Stephanie Paul is the Founder of Stephanie Paul Inc. and author of Unlock The Magic of Story. Her proven approach, the Powerful Emotional Engaging Presentations, draws on over 30 years of rich and diverse entertainment experience. As a trainer, keynote speaker or MC, Stephanie has the uncanny knack for turning any bored room into a lively, spirited and connected one. 

In today's episode, you'll learn why storytelling in sales is so effective, how to capture the audience's attention with an engaging narrative, and how to use stories to win more sales and make a bigger impact.

What You'll Learn:

- The art of storytelling in sales

- Why storytelling is sales leader's best skill 

- Storytelling techniques to elevate your sales pitch

- Facts and data versus storytelling

- Great storytelling exercises for awakening creativity

- Using stories to connect and understand your audience

- First steps toward skilful storytelling

- How to create a story database from scratch

- Connecting with others through vulnerability

- Stephanie's advice to her younger self on how to become better at selling

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ingredients you can add to your sales leadership activities. It's even more effective when you use it in your proactive selling activities. Regardless of what you're selling or what your audience is, incorporating the art of storytelling into everything you do allows you to entertain, engage, and build rapport with your audience. 

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