Full Funnel Freedom / 043 Don't Let Salespeople Assume the Close

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Episode notes

This week, we talk about why you never want your salespeople to assume a close and the four steps to creating rapport during a sales presentation. There are opportunities everywhere, which means salespeople should be closing deals all the time, especially if they're qualifying effectively and getting to that presentation stage. But what happens when we notice our salespeople aren't closing as often as we believe they could? Well, they could be assuming the close and presuming that the prospect is thinking about them from when they end their last meeting to when they begin the next one.

What You'll Learn:

- Are your salespeople assuming a close?

- How to ask your prospect permission to summarize

- The close ratio as the most important metric in sales 

- Why salespeople should stop making buyers feel dumb

- How salespeople can avoid getting ghosted by prospects

- The four step process for "closing" a sales presentation

- Why you never want to be the pushy salesperson

Closing is what we want to do in sales. We want to get yeses that bring in new clients; we want to take leads at the top of the funnel and turn them into closed deals at the bottom of the funnel. So if your salespeople aren't bringing the deals across the finish line, there's a huge problem. Closing a sale is the key part of a well-designed sales process where the salesperson genuinely solves a buyer's needs without being too salesy.


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