Get Legally Speaking

By Hatti Suvari

A BIG warm welcome to the multi award-winning podcast, Get Legally Speaking, the UK's No.1 consumer podcast bringing you jargon free legal knowledge to empower you every-day! Do not miss out on listening to over 160 episodes, giving you hot tips and tons of free information on a variety of topics, in plain and simple English. We are not taught the law anywhere, and our episodes help you to understand and navigate everyday life, covering everything from your rights when shopping, as a tenant or a landlord, divorce, children/family disputes, navigating issues as a employee or an employer, building or neighbourly disputes, bringing you interesting and useful life hacks and much MUCH more! With over 5 million downloads, I, Hatti Suvari the founder of this revolutionary podcast, get chatting to the best legal minds in the business, bringing you the answers that we all NEED to know, stripping down the legal speak and making legal knowledge understandable and accessible to everyone. Don't forget to follow us on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook to get access to over 1,000 amazingly informative 60 second reels!

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