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Episode notes

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 2021, former Socceroos captain Craig Foster’s phone started ringing off the hook.

The popular Australian footballer realised how lucky he’d been to follow his passion and had mobilised his enormous profile in the sporting and media world to become a human rights activist.

So when that phone started ringing, he started doing everything in his power to get as many Afghan women as possible out of the country, to safer ground in Australia.

The next round of phone calls were from major companies offering jobs and support for the newly arrived Afghan community. They secured jobs and training, and it opened Craig’s eyes to social procurement as the key to unlocking good outcomes for both the women and the employers.

If you’ve ever had someone take a chance on you, you’ll understand how important that open door can be.  If you’re able to make new hires, sign off on contracts and write policies, it’s critical you're reaching the right people.

It’s critical you get it right.

Getting it Right is all about hiring, buying and working with purpose.

You’ll hear from industry leaders who’ve gone above and beyond to provide opportunities for those who need them – and you’ll hear from the people who took those opportunities and ran with them.

You’ll also learn how to create social impact through your supply chain from people who’ve been involved in the process.

Getting it Right is a Jobsbank podcast, produced by Deadset Studios, hosted by Craig Foster.

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