Getting it right

Welding from a wheelchair and running a mailroom team with AI — Mark Golotta’s unorthodox and rewarding career

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Episode notes

Mark Golotta loved welding – he loved improving his craft and contributing to projects of all shapes and sizes. So, after narrowly surviving a motorcycle crash, the only thing on Mark’s mind during rehab was his return to work.

However, welding in a wheelchair is about as difficult as it sounds. Mark tried anyway, even after going bankrupt and being made redundant in favour of faster welders. With the help of Ability Works Australia, he managed to find employment again, but as the work grew more demanding and the projects became bigger and more unwieldy, Mark and Ability Works CEO Sue Boyce knew they needed a new plan.

The pair set about assessing Mark’s skills and passions in order to find work that better suited his new circumstances – and Mark now heads up his own team in an entirely different capacity.

In this episode of Getting it Right, host Craig Foster poses the question: how much more effective could your organisation be if you re-evaluated the skills of the people you already employ?


Getting it Right is a Jobsbank podcast, produced by Deadset Studios, hosted by Craig Foster.

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