Getting it right

Bringing it together – how a network of social enterprises multiplies impact

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Episode notes

Social enterprises exist so that nobody has to go it alone – so why should those enterprises have to go it alone?

In Victoria, they don’t. Social Enterprise Network Victoria (SENVIC) was founded by pioneers who knew space couldn’t develop unless everyone was working together: sharing advice, collaborating, and helping each other make the most impact possible.

SENVIC’s CEO, Nick Verginis, knows the value small businesses can offer not only their customers and employees, but to each other. His grandparents all ran small businesses after coming to Australia from Greece and relied on other small businesses to make it work.

In the social enterprise space, this is even more important. Nick shares how enterprises can multiply each other’s impact by working together, and details how a strong network of enterprises creates a greater range of opportunities for its community.


Getting it Right is a Jobsbank podcast, produced by Deadset Studios, hosted by Craig Foster.

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