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As the UK’s independent public inquiry into Covid-19 gets underway, members of the Covid bereaved complain that they are not being given an opportunity to testify.

In a new two part special, Mark speaks to the parents of Susan Sullivan, a Down’s Syndrome woman who died of Covid-19 at Barnet General Hospital on March 28, 2020, after being deemed “not for resuscitation” and being denied access to intensive care. The Sullivans have long suspected that their daughter was the victim of medical bias and may have survived if the hospital had granted her statutory right to have a family member at her bedside. Determined to be Susan’s voice, John and Ida Sullivan launched their own investigation into Susan’s death and uncovered a catalogue of medical errors in the process.

Mark investigates....

...'That's Dancing Queen' and 'Who Do We Not Save' coming to Going Viral on Thursday 13th July.