Going Viral

By Mark Honigsbaum / Zinc Media
The science & history podcast all about PANDEMICS.

Series 1: Join the 'disease detectives' Mark Honigsbaum and Hannah Mawdsley as they investigate the most devastating pandemic of all time: the 1918 Spanish influenza. Part scientific detective story, part historical inquiry, 'Going Viral' takes listeners to the scene of the viral crime and in the process recovers the experience of the world's deadliest virus, which is 100 years old.

Series 2: The Covid Files: 100 years after the deadly Spanish Flu, Mark and his guests discuss the many faces of the Covid-19 pandemic. What lessons can we learn from history?

Series 3: It's the science story of the century - how successful vaccines against Covid-19 have been created in under a year. In 'Vaxx and the Facts', Marks takes a deep dive into the history and science of vaccinations - exploring how they work, where they come from and where they may be going.

Series 4: Pandemic Ethics: produced in collaboration with the UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator.

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