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How a U.S. college experience changes lives!

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Can a U.S. college experience change a life?

Mason Cox says yes!

Melbourne’s U.S. Consul General talks to American/Australian Mason Cox who graduated with an Engineering degree from Oklahoma State University and had a career planned with Exxon Mobil before everything changed…

Mason shares how a hobby of playing basketball at college opened up a world of adventure that led to his current job of Australian Rules ruckman for the Collingwood Football team.

Australian listeners will hear that applying and attending a U.S. college is achievable and that life at an American University is full of opportunities to build a community and nurture friendships that last a lifetime.

Being on a U.S. college campus provides a time to discover new talents, explore new places and mature. Students make friends from all over the country and the world and, as they do, they learn about life and about themselves.

Living in a dormitory, competing in a sport or academic contest, socializing through organized clubs and friendship groups while volunteering in the community are key parts of a U.S. college experience. Many graduates look back on their college days as the best of their lives.


Host: Kathleen Lively – Consul General, U.S. Consulate Melbourne  

Guest:  Mason Cox – Ruckman Collingwood Football Club, Australia Football league


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