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How to research and find your ‘best fit’ college

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In 2012 Liam Dean-Johnson was going to school in Sydney, studying for his HSC and thinking about which Australian university he would attend.

Eight months later he was stepping off a plane in the U.S. and through the gates of Brown University - an Ivy League liberal arts college in Providence, Rhode Island.  

Studying at Brown changed Liam’s life - so how did he get there? 

Liam talks about how, as an Australian, he navigated the U.S. college application and the importance of finding the college that is “the best fit” for him; how the flexibility of the U.S. liberal arts curriculum allowed him to explore a wide range of academic interests and why the immersive educational experience, a unique feature of the U.S. college system, prepared him for life after college.

Liam’s international U.S. career is now well established, and in his current role as an Admissions Officer at New York University he poses some critical questions for anyone considering applying to a U.S. college when they finish high school. 


Host: Samantha Juster, Public Engagement Officer, U.S. Embassy Canberra

Guest: Liam Dean-Johnson, NYU’s Associate Director, Customer Service Admissions Operations



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