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#30 Authentic Parenting: Beyond the Rulebook

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Episode notes

Ever found yourself meticulously following every parenting guideline to a t, only to feel like something crucial is missing?  In this episode, we confront the uncomfortable truth about scripted responses and emotionless reactions and how they may be stifling genuine connections with our children. If you feel that the rules of gentle parenting are just not getting you anywhere - this might be an eye-opening truth as to what might be missing. Even more importantly how, unknowingly, you could have fallen into the traps of Robotic Parenting.  Tune in and learn what Robotic Parenting is, how to avoid it, and rediscover the magic of Authentic Parenting.


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The book mentioned in this episode:

"Bad Therapy: Why Kids Aren't Growing up" by Abigail Shrier