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#23 Strength Over Safety: Raising Courageous Kids in an Unsafe World

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Episode notes

It might be hard to imagine, but the emphasis on "safety" as one of the main goals for parents, was not always the prevailing value that humans sought after. Today, there's a prevailing obsession with physical and emotional safety. Caution signs and buzzwords "safe space" and "trigger warnings" permeate societal circles. But "safetyism" actually leads us all to be less safe.  In this episode, I share 3 surprising ways in which a high emphasis on safety actually deteriorates resiliency and 3 strategies you can start practicing now to raise children who are strong - physically, emotionally, and mentally. ~ Learn more about "safetyism" in the context of building independence in young children (starting at the earliest ages!) through the surprising powers of play in Avital's new book, "Reclaim Play" (reclaimplay.com/book). We here at Hi Fam want to mission to help you create a family life you love! If you'd like to go deeper into that, join the Hi Fam newsletter (hifam.com/newsletter).