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#29 Raising Resilient Kids: Should I Follow My Child's Lead?

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Episode notes

Ever wondered why today's kids seem less ready for adulting? This episode spills the beans on the real struggles – less independence, job hesitations, a bouquet of disorders, and major "not ready" vibes.

Discover what's really going on with our young generation as we dissect the impact of excessive screen time, casual relationships, and the effects of super laid-back parenting. Brace yourself: it's a recipe for stress, anxiety, and more.

But hey, no need to panic! We've got a solid game plan to prep your kids for success in the adulting game. Find out how setting boundaries, sharing values, and building a strong family culture can make your kids ready for anything life throws at them. Join us for a straightforward discussion on the challenges our kids face today and grab practical tips to raise resilient, kick-butt individuals. Tune in and empower your parenting game!


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