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#18 Play Was STOLEN (How To Reclaim It)

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Episode notes

Phew! They say writing a book is not for the faint of heart and I now fully understand why 87% of people who want to write a book - don’t ever write one. But with gratitude to my children who played independently for enough hours for me to actually both write and illustrate this book (yep, those doodles are mine), I have now escaped that statistic and my book baby has been born!!! 🎉

Reclaim Play delivers an inspiring manifesto on why play is critical for children and a comprehensive how-to for parents to bring back the magic of childhood. 

In this podcast episode, hear me narrate chapter 3 of the book... the part that explains how play has been S.T.O.L.E.N; where it’s gone, what that acronym stands for, and most importantly: how we’re going to get it back.

Listen now and if you’re one of those loyal listeners who catches these as they drop - THANK YOU! You are still in time to grab the pre-order bonuses at ReclaimPlay.com/book