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#21 From Israel: Building a Strong Family is Not Just a Tagline

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Episode notes

Do you ever think, "What is this all for? Does what I do for my family really make a difference?" I've often said, that your family is the most meaningful project of your life. It's been my mission to equip parents of all backgrounds to build a strong family culture that creates a sense of togetherness, belonging, and meaning. 

Today, I'm sharing why I am personally doubling down on my resolve to build a strong family, even in the midst of the most petrifying and grievous circumstances.

In every situation, even the most awful, there are lessons to be learned. This episode is my way of creating a segway into answering questions, not about current affairs, per se, but about how you can show up to your family, lead bravely, and create peace in your own home.  Maybe you're wondering...

  • How do I live the long game even when the future is unknown? 
  • What boundaries are needed to protect my kids from adult conversations?
  • How do I coach my child through a traumatic experience? 
  • How do I show up each day like my family truly is the most meaningful project of my life - even when I'm stressed, overwhelmed, burned out, or anxious?

I'll be answering these questions and more in upcoming episodes here at Hi Fam.

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I truly mean it when I say you should NOT continue to follow what's going on if it doesn't directly impact you and instead turn your attention toward your family. But for those who are impacted or who desire to understand better what's going on from my perspective, you can follow me on Instagram (@HiFamLife).

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