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You know what it’s like when you move house - you’re tripping over boxes for weeks, eating takeout on the floor while you wait for that new dining table to arrive, and lamenting that the rest of the world - including work - doesn’t take a pause while you get your life in order. We’ve all been there, but have you ever used that moment of chaos as the trigger to start writing a book? 

It sounds insane - and as someone who’s been working on a new book for some time now, I feel certified to call it that - but for economist and Wharton professor Katy Milkman, it made perfect sense. 

Katy’s learned to take advantage of “fresh starts,” which can be anything from New Year’s Day to a relocation - or even just any old Monday. 

She breaks down the most effective ways to change your behaviour for the better, whether that’s to break bad habits or form new ones. And it’s all backed by science. 

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