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Ella Bache's CEO Pippa Hallas on how to find a great mentor, overcoming imposter syndrome, and making meetings not suck

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Episode notes

My guest today is Pippa Hallas. Pippa was just 33 when she became the CEO of Ella Bache. Ella Bache is one of the leading skincare brands in Australia, has over 150 salons. When Pippa is not busy being CEO, she is the mum of two young boys aged 3 and 6 and has also just released her first book called "Bold Moves: How to stand up, step out and make your next bold move".

I first met Pippa maybe 7 or 8 years ago when my company Inventium worked with Ella Bache on an innovation project. We talk about a bunch of things in this chat ranging from:
  • Pippa’s annual reflection ritual
  • What Maker versus Manager time looks like in Pippa’s world
  • How Pippa organises her diary
  • How Pippa is trying to get better at saying ’no’ and her strategy for saying no politely
  • How Pippa uses her time while driving
  • Pippa’s framework for making sure meetings are always productive
  • How Pippa balances being a CEO with being a mum of two little people
  • Why Pippa doesn’t believe in work-life balance, and instead sees being a CEO as a lifestyle choice
  • Why Pippa ends her workday at 4pm
  • How she manages her nerves
  • How she found mentors for her role as CEO
And more!

You can read Pippa’s new book Bold Moves here and find out more about Ella Bache here.

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