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Weaponising accountability with Lifehacker editor-in-chief Jordan Calhoun

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If anything immediately strikes me as a pretty bad idea, it’s an adult learning to ride a skateboard. Without the years of experience built up over a childhood spent cruising on the asphalt, stepping on a skateboard almost promises to put you on your butt. And as an adult, a skateboarding injury could have a pretty disastrous effect on your daily life. Kids bounce back pretty easily, but I know if I had to miss six weeks of workouts or couldn’t write or type for a few months, I’d be in strife. 

So why is Jordan Calhoun, editor-in-chief of Lifehacker, trying to pick up the skill now? 

Jordan might not be looking to get massive air with Tony Hawk, but he is looking for that childhood experience of newness. Not being able to do something, starting from zero, is a pretty rare situation for adults, and Jordan thinks that’s a shame. So he’s learning to shred. 

Jordan shares a wealth of other insights on learning, such as why he prioritises stories over stats and facts, and how the Goodreads website helps him read more books. He also, naturally, shares a treasure trove of life hacks, like his decision-making matrix and tools for building accountability into his most ambitious goals. 

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