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Persuasion, not manipulation: Zoe Chance on how to influence for good

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You’ve reached the end of yet another long Zoom call with your team when you realise… you didn’t say a word! 

You’re smart, you have good ideas, and you’ve put in the work. Plus, your team and your clients respect you… So how did this happen? 

According to Zoe Chance, Yale School of Management professor and author of Influence is Your Superpower, it’s because you didn’t speak up early enough. If you’re not one of the first three people to speak up in a virtual meeting, you’re unlikely to speak up at any point, and through no fault of their own, everybody else on the call is unlikely to ask you to. 

These kinds of unconscious cognitive biases are everywhere, and instead of bemoaning their existence, Zoe wants you to understand them so you can use them to your advantage. She teaches you how to make your voice heard, how to persuade people without being a brute, and reveals her “magic question” for figuring out how you can help other people. 

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