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Global innovation thought leader Scott D Anthony on his daily creativity ritual

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Episode notes

My guest today is Scott D Anthony. Scott is global authority on innovation and the former managing partner of Innosight, the innovation and strategy consulting firm co-founded by Clayton Christensen. Scott has written several bestselling books and writes regularly for Harvard Business Review. Scott has been awarded the Thinkers50 Innovation Award, which recognises the world’s leading thinkers on innovation. This is my second time having Scott on the show. I was keen to have him back to check in with how he has adapted the way he works during COVID. Check out my first interview with Scott here (LINK to my website and interview with Scott from my first interview with him). In this chat, we cover: New rituals Scott has developed in lockdown How he is using time previously spent travelling How Scott moved his body clock to a different time zone to where he lives Scott’s strategies for creating more engaging virtual meetings and workshops Where he gets his best thinking done at home Scott’s daily practice for creative thinking How Scott uses music to focus Why Scott doesn’t accept meetings on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons Scott’s predictions for the future of work And much, much more. Get your copy of Scott’s latest book Eat, Sleep Innovate and check out the book's companion website here. Check out Scott’s firm Innosight. And connect with Scott on LinkedIn and Twitter.  

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