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TED2019 interview series: Priya Parker on how to create amazing gatherings

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Episode notes

I recently attended TED2019 in Vancouver and recorded a bunch of interviews with some very inspiring speakers and attendees while I was over there.

My first interview in this series is with Priya Parker.

Priya Parker teaches people to gather better at home, work, school and in our communities. She is the bestselling author of The Art of Gathering and is also a strategic facilitator with a background in conflict-resolution. Her company Thrive Labs has worked with organisations as varied as MoMA, the World Economic Forum and the International Finance Corporation on strategy, vision and purpose.

In this interview, we cover:
  • Priya’s advice for how to have great sales meetings
  • How Priya approaches her own client meetings
  • The role language plays in how Priya gets to know her clients’ motivations
  • Priya’s favourite questions to ask at gatherings
  • How to get better at "holding the silence" in group work
  • Priya’s process for creating her TED talk
  • How Priya manages her nerves before high stakes events
  • How Priya would improve the TED conference experience.

You can learn more about Priya at and sign up to her newsletter. Get your hands on a copy of Priya’s bestselling book The Art of Gathering.

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