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Dr Jason Fox on daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly rituals

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Episode notes

My guest today is Dr Jason Fox. I’ve known Jason for the best part of a decade. Like me, he is a scientist at heart and has a bias for strategies that are grounded in research. Jason travels the world helping leaders from companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, McDonalds, and Toyota in the area of motivation design. Jason is also the bestselling author of The Game Changer and How to Lead a Quest, and in 2016 was awarded Keynote Speaker of the Year.

Something I really like about how Jason organises his working life is that he thinks a lot about rhythms and rituals. In this chat, we talk about many of the ones he has incorporated into his life, from his daily rituals through to weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

Here are some of the other things we cover in this chat:

  • Why he picks a one-word theme at the beginning of every year, and his process for picking one
  • Why Jason and his partner Kim track progress against their “fulfilment factors” - and how to identify your own fulfilment factors
  • Jason’s process for making small versus big decisions
  • Jason’s daily, weekly, quarterly and annual rhythms and rituals for work
  • Jason’s morning routine
  • Gratitude Calendars and how Jason uses one
  • How Jason uses his time on planes
  • Jason’s experiments into how to make email more bearable
  • Jason’s strategy for saying "no" politely
  • Jason’s process for reading non-fiction books

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