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Envato co-Founder Cyan Ta'eed on spending just 15 minutes a day on her phone

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Episode notes

My guest today is Cyan Ta’eed. Cy is one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, having co-founded Envato in 2006 and growing it to being valued at over $1 billion. Last year she tried her hand at chocolate (why not?!) and Hey Tiger is now one of Australia’s fastest growing purpose-driven brands. Oh, and in her spare time, she recently launched, which allows users to make a free website for their Instagram profile all on their phone, instantly.

In this chat, we cover:
  • How Cy went from spending four hours a day on her phone to just 15 minutes
  • How Cy changed her mobile phone to make it less addictive
  • The game that Cy’s family play on January 1, every year
  • The five minute activity that Cy does every morning to set herself up for the day
  • How Cy manages her energy levels as a self-described introvert who presents as an extravert.
  • Cy’s approach to constant learning and development
  • How and where Cy has found great people to work in her businesses.
  • Cy’s strategies for overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • How Cy mentally prepares herself for stressful events
  • Why Cy had an app on her phone that reminded her she is going to die 5 x per day
  • Cy’s go-to apps and gadgets
  • What happened when Cy had an eyesight-threatening ulcer and had to rest in darkness for several weeks.
  • Balancing sprints with periods of rest

Find Cy on Instagram at @cyantaeed, check out her amazing chocolate social enterprise Hey Tiger and her most recent business Milkshake that allows users to create a webpage from their Instagram account.

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