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Atlassian's Dom Price on how he uses Imposter Syndrome to his advantage

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Episode notes

My guest today is Dom Price. Dom is the Head of Research & Development and also the resident Work Futurist at Atlassian, one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing tech companies. Dom has responsibilities spanning 5 global R&D centres, and is the in house “Team Doctor” who helps Atlassian scale by being ruthlessly effective, all while keeping one eye on the future.

I’ve known Dom for a few years now and one of the things I like most about Dom is that he is so contrarian in his views and he is not afraid to share them. We cover a lot of different topics in this chat ranging from:

  • Dom's four L strategy to help make decisions on which projects to take on and when to say no
  • Dom’s rhythm for goal-setting and staying focused on what matters
  • The three questions Dom uses to find great stories
  • How Dom removes his own personal bias when trying to solve customer problems
  • Dom’s “deep work” ritual around disconnecting from digital distractions.
  • Why music helps Dom do better creative and focused work
  • How Dom uses his mood to decide which task to focus on
  • Dom’s method for building a great presentation
  • The two questions Dom asks when he is booked to deliver a presentation
  • Dom’s favourite question to ask in an interview
  • Why Dom prefers negative feedback to positive feedback.
  • What happened when Dom deleted every single meeting from his diary.

You can find Dom on Twitter @domprice, on Linkedin (, and you can discover Atlassian's team playbook right here (

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