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Amanda Palmer On How She Writes Songs, Created Her TED Talk, And More.

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Amanda Palmer is a singer-songwriter, rule-breaker, disruptor, and all round rockstar.
You might know Amanda from being one half of the Dresden Dolls. Or you might know her, as I did, through her TED talk "The art of asking" which has been viewed by over 10 million people. Amanda is a total innovator in the world of music, and raised $1.2 million on a kickstarter campaign several years ago to be able to produce her own solo album, independent from a record label.

One of the things I loved most about this chat with Amanda is hearing her very intensive step by step process for creating and delivering her amazing TED talk.

In this conversation, we cover topics such as:
  • How Amanda writes songs
  • Why she insists on staying in a separate hotel room to her husband when on tour
  • The enormous amount of work that went into her TED talk
  • The signals she uses in her life to work out whether she is on or off balance
  • The podcasts Amanda is listening to and books she is reading
And a whole lot more.

You can find Amanda on all the usual social channels at @amandapalmer, via her website, and find out more about her my Patreon community right here:

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