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Janine Allis on her "rules" for the work week, her trick for making email fun, and why she doesn't come into the office before 11am.

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Episode notes

My guest today is Janine Allis. Janine is the founder of Boost Juice, which now has over 500 stores globally. You might also know Janine as an investor on the TV show Shark Tank. Janine has received a tonne of awards including the Telstra Business Women of the Year. She is also a mother of four kids. Needless to say, she is a very busy person.

We cover a heap of different topics in this chat, including:
  • How Janine structures her week to maximise productivity
  • Why Janine doesn’t believe in work-life balance
  • Why Janine doesn’t do back-to-back meetings
  • Why Janine doesn’t come to the office before 11am
  • Janine’s system for remembering everything - and letting nothing slip through the cracks
  • The role that yoga plays in Janine’s life, and how to find a great teacher
  • Her “trick" for making email checking fun
  • Why Janine is more likely to pick up the phone that have a conversation by email
  • Her mobile phone rules for her family
  • The last thing Janine does on her phone every day to help switch off
  • Why Janine prefers audiobooks to physical books

And so much more.

You can find Janine at and on Twitter at @janineboost

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