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Michelle Poler on how she overcame 100 fears and the key question she asked to help conquer them

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My guest today is Michelle Poler. While doing her Masters in Branding back in 2015, Michelle started a project where she would conquer 100 fears in 100 days. This Masters project turned into a global movement that impacted millions of people and received coverage on The NBC Today Show, Fox News, CBS, CNN, to name a few. Since that project, Michelle now travels the world speaking to people at companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, Microsoft, P&G, Toyota, Coca-Cola, and many more, about getting out of their comfort zone.  Michelle’s first book, Hello Fears, is coming out on May 5, and teaches readers how to create their own 100 days of fear project. In this chat, we cover: - How her life as a keynote speaker has changed dramatically post-COVID - How she reacted when her diary was literally wiped of all speaking events and work - The detail Michelle goes into when constructing and improving her keynote speeches - How she keeps her keynote speeches fresh for every audience - Her process for helping her 100 Days of Fear project go viral to millions of people - The one question Michelle recommends asking to help overcome fears. Get Michelle’s book Hello Fears, follow her on Instagram, and find out more about her here.  Visit for full show notes from all episodes.   Get in touch at [email protected]   If you are looking for more tips to improve the way you work, I write a short monthly newsletter that contains three cool things that I have discovered that help me work better, which range from interesting research findings through to gadgets I am loving. You can sign up for that at  

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