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How the former president of Pinterest, Tim Kendall, tamed unhealthy mobile phone habits

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Episode notes

Today’s guest is Tim Kendall. Tim is the former President of Pinterest, where he led global sales, marketing and product development. Prior to Pinterest, Tim was Facebook’s Director of Monetization, where he led the development of Facebook’s advertising business.

During his last year at Pinterest, Tim began noticing his own “bad” phone habits, not to mention the poor habits of everyone around him. Tim is now the CEO of Moment, a mobile app that helps you to use your phone in a healthy way, giving you back time for the parts of life that matter most.

We cover a bunch of things in this chat, including:
  • Tim’s quirky technique for keeping staff focused while he was President at Pinterest
  • Tim’s extreme tactic for controlling mobile phone usage
  • Tactics that Tim uses for setting himself up to have a productive day
  • The role sleep plays in Tim’s life
  • Why Tim takes ice baths most mornings, and what lead to this being a part of his routine
  • Tim’s email hack that helps him stay focused
  • The email software that has dramatically sped up the amount of time Tim spends responding to email
  • Tim’s email rules for employees at his company, Moment.
  • The damaging culture that exists in many Silicon Valley tech companies
  • Why Tim is contemplating moving Moment to a four day work week and having parent-friendly hours
  • Two books that have had a profound impact on Tim’s thinking
  • Why Tim stays away from consuming the news

And a whole lot more.

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