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The Chaser's Julian Morrow on how to write comedy

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Episode notes

My guest today is Julian Morrow. Julian is co-founder of The Chaser and Giant Dwarf. He has been the executive producer, writer and performer on various shows including The Chaser's War on Everything, Hamster Wheel, and the The Checkout.

I was keen to have Jules on the podcast to unpack his approach to writing comedy. Jules is a master of this and we talk about a number of different topics in this episode. We spend the first little bit talking about what The Chaser are probably most well known for, which was how they snuck into APEC with Chas dressed as Osama Bin Laden over a decade ago and we talk about what was involved in creating that stunt. We then move on to talking about:

  • How to write a joke
  • Julian’s favourite definition of comedy
  • How to know whether something is funny
  • How Julian overcomes writer’s block
  • How Julian records and files his ideas
  • What procrastination looks like for Julian
  • And a whole lot more

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