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ATOMIC HOPE + THE CLIMATE CASE FOR NUCLEAR ENERGY: Frankie Fenton, Kathryn Kennedy + Iida Ruishalme

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On today’s episode, is there hope in the atom?

We live in an energy crisis, with environmental catastrophe and war questioning our reliance on fossil fuels. Nuclear power was once the great green hope, but decades of concerns about accidents and radioactive waste have turned much of Europe off.


But were those concerns overblown, and have they blinded us to a vital source of clean energy? In their new film, Atomic Hope, filmmakers Frankie Fenton and Kathryn Kennedy have collaborated with Finnish scientist Iida Ruishalme to explore the environmentalist pro-nuclear movement.

At Ireland’s Edge in Dingle they spoke with Emmy award-winning filmmaker and Ireland’s Edge founder, Nuala O’Connor.

Atomic Hope is out in select cinemas now. 

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