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LIVING ROOM: Rory Hearne, Orla Hegarty + Rob Curley

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‘What we saw happening around us was essentially death by a thousand cuts to Dublin’

The results of Irish housing policy have created a crisis that reaches into every community and region in the country. It increasingly blights the lives of multiple generations. It undermines and conflicts with many other national priorities and strategies. How has it got to this point and what will it take to ameliorate?

In this week’s episode, Living Room, we ask how our housing system became so broken, and what we can do to fix it?

In front of a live audience at Ireland’s Edge in Dingle, we were joined by: Orla Hegarty, Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy at University College Dublin; Rory Hearne, Assistant Professor of Social Policy at Maynooth University; and the architect Rob Curley. They spoke with Ireland’s Edge curator, Muireann Kelliher during Ireland's Edge in Dingle, in November 2021.

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