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"THE SCIENCE DIDN'T FAIL US": Aoife McLysaght and Orla Hegarty

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Episode notes

On this episode, What We Know Now: why did different truths dominate at different times of the Covid-19 pandemic?

From hand washing and sanitising to ventilation and vaccination, medical knowledge and public health advice have changed considerably over the course of the last 18 months. Yet even as we have learned more, outdated advice and habits have persisted. So did the science fail us, or did we fail the science? 

Orla Hegarty is Assistant Professor of Architecture at University College Dublin, and Aoife McLysaght is Professor of Genetics at Trinity College Dublin. Both have been prominent voices in Ireland’s public scientific debates over responses to the pandemic. At the National Gallery of Ireland, Orla and Aoife spoke with Ireland’s Edge curator Muireann Kelleher about what we know now.

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