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Don’t Believe Everything You Read in the Papers

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The Irish were once the biggest newspaper readers in Europe, but in recent years our interest has begun to decline. With news reporting and investigative journalism facing an existential funding crisis, and trust in information itself rapidly declining due to "fake news" and the excesses of social media, what is the future of a world with less news, and what are the consequences? Recorded live at Ireland's Edge in Dingle, Chris speaks to three extraordinary women who edit independent news outlets in Ireland, to discuss the challenges facing their work: Sinéad Carroll, Editor of and prominent figure in national media, contributing to news, politics, and sports programs; Siobhán Holliman, deputy editor of the Tuam Herald, member of the Future of Media Commission and the Press Council; and Siobhán Cronin, the first woman editor of The Southern Star in its 135-year history, and a serving member of the Press Council.

Recorded live at / A South Wind Blows Production

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