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New James Webb Images Explained!

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Episode notes

In our July episode we try and explain as simply as possible, exactly what we are seeing in the first stunning images from the James Webb Telescope. 

Positioned 1 million miles away from earth, and looking billions of light years into the universe, to a time relatively shortly after the Big Bang, we are already seeing thousands of previously unknown galaxies. Not only that, but even in the first images there are some questions posed which scientists are very intrigued by.

Joining us in this episode is someone who worked on the James Webb project, Jurgen Scholl, Senior Optical Engineer at the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation (CfAI) of Durham University. So who better to explain how we are seeing these images than someone who helped create the technology right here in the north east!

Along with Jurgen are our own Kielder astronomers Finn Burridge and Adam Shore.

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