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Episode 6: Recovery, Rebirth, and Resilience: Trump USA

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Episode notes

Shahjehan takes us along on The Kominas international tour, where a career pinnacle at the BBC coincides with a critical relapse into substance abuse. The consequences are dire but lead to a sincere shot at recovery with a lovable sponsor. After the Boston Marathon bombing and targeted expletives cast from a carful of dude bros, Shahjehan speaks out, this time without the cover of the band. Islamic law expert Sumbul Ali-Karamali walks us through the definition of sharia and the multimillion-dollar Islamophobia Network that appeared around that time. The band reunites at the same time Trump’s campaign to ban Muslims, build walls, and grab p*#@!^$ gains ground. In the ultimate juxtaposition, Trump comes to town and holds a rally in the exact arena where, just one year prior, Bill Nye the Science Guy was delivering Shahjehan’s commencement speech to hopeful do-gooders. In a move we still don’t understand, Trump is elected the 45th President of the United States, as lawyers, artists, friends, and covert disrupters join us to talk about how they fought back.

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