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Episode 7: The Improbable Now—Mental Health, Wellness, Wholeness

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Episode notes

Shahjehan starts touring the East Coast as an actor in a troupe for people in long-term recovery, and meets an unanticipated fan. We wrap up the “anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, racial, racist, white supremacist kind of mindset” that took hold during Trump’s presidency and its trickle-down effects, while also examining its function as a catalyst for the uptick in activism, improved representation, more diverse pop culture, and the ever-growing Muslim voice.

We speak with American Muslim elected officials, actresses, founders, and of course, Amma and Agha, as we come full-circle to just exactly what Shahjehan’s people have done. A psychiatrist weighs in on the trauma of 9/11 for her Muslim American patients, as the interview diverges into a bit of a therapy session for Shahjehan, and for us.
We revisit The Kominas, the Khans, Acton-Boxborough, adult relationships, the state of Shahjehan’s mental health, and look ahead to the future of this community.

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