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Nicola Mendelsohn oversees the vast $100bn-a-year advertising business at Meta, the social media giant known until recently as Facebook. She is one of the most senior women in UK tech, now heading to New York to take up her new role.

Business is booming for Meta, which also includes Instagram and Whatsapp, as it plots a push into virtual reality worlds. But so are critics’ voices, especially after damaging leaks suggesting the group knew its products contributed to violence and mental health problems. Regulators are asking how it might take greater responsibility for what goes on on its platform, which boasts 1.9bn daily active users.

Lady Mendelsohn joined Facebook in 2013 as vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa after 20 years in advertising, spent at firms including Karmarama, Grey and BBH.

She joins James Ashton to discuss:

Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for the future and how he plans to lead Meta forward;

The importance of asking questions and seeking mentors;

Coping with cancer in a leadership role and why it’s OK to show vulnerability;

And thriving in a male-dominated advertising industry.

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