Beautiful Misfits

"Our country is broken because our politics is broken" with Gina Miller

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Episode notes

Imagine your daughter being so scared for your safety that she fainted when you took too long popping out for a pint of milk? This is what happened to Gina Miller, the woman who took the government to court in the midst of the Brexit furore. She wasn’t trying to stop Brexit. She was fighting for our democracy. But she was  so abused and threatened for standing up to the system that she feared for her – and her children’s – safety.

In this episode of Beautiful Misfits I talk to Gina about her extraordinary story. Her life has been one of many challenges – from a serious sexual assault when she was a teenager to fighting for her daughter who was born with significant extra needs – and yet she is still hopeful. And Gina believes we all have a choice: to give in to all the negatives, or believe in our collective power to create a better future. So now she’s launched a political party to campaign for it. She’s inspirational. I hope you enjoy. 

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