Beautiful Misfits

"Service. It's a sign of humanity...." with Thomasina Miers

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Episode notes

We all need to do our bit to create a better future than the **** show we’ve got right now. Let’s make a commitment to be that bit more conscious, think about how we live, buy, who we bank with, work and vote for. Even the smallest changes knit together to create a greater whole.

In this episode of Beautiful Misfits, I’m talking to the wonderful Thomasina Miers. After winning Masterchef, Tommi co-founded Wahaca – the chain of Mexican restaurants that had sustainability baked in from the beginning. They’ve been carbon neutral since 2016 and are forging a new path on how food can be good for planet – and people. In addition to all that, Tommi is a passionate campaigner around all things food. From working to get chefs into schools to create truly nutritious food for children, to campaigning to fix our broken food system – she's passionate about it all – because bad food is literally killing us and the planet. 

She’s tireless, inspiring and I loved talking to her. Let's take Tommi's ideas for a better world and run.

TW: This episode contains references to mental illness and suicide.

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