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Ep 175: Happy Holidays Your Guide To Thrive This December With your Weigt Loss Goals

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Episode notes

Hey, Friend!, welcome to another episode of Lose Weight With Macros: The Basics Podcast!


December is finally here and here's my December message for my Lose weight with macros podcast family:


This is a time of year when we feel pressure from all sides to overeat. The parties and gatherings, cookies in the break room, and presents to buy.


But let's face it: Christmas is only once a year. So what should you do?


1. You can enjoy your foods & fmaily because it's Christmas... AND you can put a plan in place.


2. If you're interested in learning more about how I can help you get started with my Lose weight with macros podcast family, here are some of the options we offer:


- Virtual Pantry Makeover (we'll help you figure out which foods to make the most of in your pantry and for your family)


- Custom Macros (we'll build a custom plan just for you)


- Weight Loss Coaching (we'll work together to make sure that you stay on track & help you build positive behaviours)


3. You can share this episode with a friend who needs to hear this too!.


Just remember: small steps are better than no steps at all!


For now family, let's dive into the episode


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