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Self Compassion to the Rescue!

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Episode notes

We’ve all heard some version of the “golden rule.” “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you!” But how many times are we MORE harsh with ourselves than we are with others? How rarely do we practice SELF COMPASSION? Each week my we break down and demystify an aspect of mindfulness and make it meaningful to you! This week, we’re covering SELF COMPASSION. 


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00:00 Self-Compassion 

03:30 Join us for our next retreat May 18-21, 2023! 

06:30 Jon leads Opening Grounding Practice (~2 min) 

09:00 Defining Self-Compassion 

15:00 Active listening to develop self-compassion 

20:00 Empathic Care vs Empathic Distress 

31:00 S.T.O.P. 

33:00 Misconceptions of Self-Compassion 

38:00 Steps to develop Self-Compassion 

50:00 Will leads Closing Practice (~2 min)