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Mindfully Tough with Navy's Warrior Toughness Program Co-Creator, Retired Navy SEAL Master Chief Stephen Drum

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Episode notes

Our guest today is a former Navy SEAL teammate of Jon's and principal architect and co-creator of the US Navy’s Warrior Toughness Program; retired Navy SEAL Master Chief Stephen Drum.

During his 27 years of service, Stephen developed and led high-performance teams in combat at every level and in the most challenging and extreme environments.  He is now a professional speaker, trainer and author, helping leaders and teams optimize their performance and execution in challenging and high-pressure situations. His first book, Life on the X: A Navy SEAL's Guide to meeting any challenge with Courage, Confidence and Readiness, is set to launch in March 2023 (in the episode we mention October 2022 but it's been pushed back to March, 2023).

Check out Stephen here:

00:00 Mindfully Tough with Stephen Drum

03:00 Introducing Stephen Drum

05:00 Will leads Opening Grounding Practice (~1 min)

07:00 Stephen’s Journey

14:00 Why you need to be more than what you do

18:00 Autopilot vs Mindful Action

21:30 Navy Ranks confuse Will (and the rest of us) again

25:00 How do we figure out and strengthen the basics?

27:00 Mindfulness is for everyone

30:00 The turning point

34:00 Emotion

39:00 Transitioning from Military to Civilian

44:30 Finding Purpose

51:00 SMEAC

57:00 Final Thoughts

59:00 A memorable eureka moment

1:05;00 Stephen leads Closing Practice (~2 min)

Your Hosts:

Will is excited to teach you how to develop self-mastery. From teaching and practicing for the last 19 years, he feels it's a joy to work with long-time practitioners and students that have never tried these practices before or have only dabbled. [email protected]

Jon is a Navy veteran turned mindfulness and meditation teacher. Since ending his 24-year military career in June 2020, Jon is now dedicated to spreading the practices of meditation and mindfulness to help others live happier and more fulfilling lives. [email protected]

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