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Martina Hodges-Schell: Understanding your operating model

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Episode notes

Martina Hodges-Schell is a transformation coach and consultant that helps organizations adopt a Silicon Valley approach to innovation. She spent 25 years leading design and innovation in tech companies, and now she loves providing a fresh, outside perspective to help teams develop and mature their product practice.

In this conversation, we…

* define transformation and what it means for your company operating model

* explore how a company operating model might be shifted by adapting AI technology

* Discuss how embodied leadership practices like equine coaching can give leaders the most honest feedback


Topics discussed

(05:31) A horse's feedback reflects your behavior and communication

(06:51) Feedback on your actions and decision making

(10:48) Leaders MUST be involved in change process

(13:57) Control is equated with power, active involvement important

(18:58) Change is difficult, people resist it

(19:45) Balancing ideas within organizations, encouraging participation

(25:37) Four lenses for an operating model

(29:18) How AI transforms operating model: structure and collaboration challenges

(31:36) Organizational structure should promote collaboration and communication

(37:17) Optimistic about innovation, promoting change and collaboration

(39:55) Focus on broad possibilities, capabilities, and brand

(43:16) Closing the loop from teams to leadership

(50:20) Guiding questions in life

(52:49) Book recommendations

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* Martina Hodges-Schell: website, LinkedIn

* Book: Communicating the UX Vision: 13 Anti-patterns That Block Good Design

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