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Mistakes That Are Keeping Your Glutes Small | PD Podcast Ep.117

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Episode notes

Small glutes? We don't gatekeep around here! In today's episode, we are spilling all the ways you can grow your glutes and show up for yourself. Glutes are not just important for women—dudes, you need glutes too!

Jump in to catch up with Sue and Alex as they also discuss how they are feeling as they continue through their #1eaner2gether diet.

As always, it is our goal not only to supply you, the listener, with valuable insights on the topics or questions but also to plant some seeds for further research and thought. Without further ado, let's get into today's episode.


(0:00) About today's episode

(0:18) Why Alex is so grateful for the dieting phase he and Sue are in

(4:32) Introducing today's topic: Mistakes that might be keeping your glutes small

(7:01) Mistake #1 - Lackluster exercise execution & intensity

(21:54) Mistake #2 - Incorrect exercise selection & getting "stuck" in certain rep ranges

(41:24) Mistake #3 - Not eating enough to train hard & maximize recovery

(47:20) Other aspects of recovery to keep in mind

(50:05) Mistake #4 - Not giving yourself enough time

(57:40) Wrap-up

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