Physique Development Podcast / Rapid Q&A #6 — PT Certifications, Daily Step Counts, Skipping Lunges, & More! | PD Podcast Ep.29

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Episode notes

Today's episode is a Rapid Q&A. This is where we take your questions and quickly answer them with the "need to know" on the topic based on our education and experience working with clients.

We answer 15 total questions on topics such as supplements, training volume, step count, fat loss, and much more!

As always, it is our goal not only to supply you, the listener, with valuable insights on the topics or questions but also to plant some seeds for further research and thought. Without further ado, let’s get into today’s episode.

Timestamps & Listener Questions:

(0:11) Reviews & Comments

(1:25) YT Question: Am I Wasting My Time Taking Glutamine & Creatine?

(4:07) Upper Back Pulldowns Seem Hard To Progress On In Terms Of Load. Why Is That?

(5:02) Which PT Certification Is The Best Among Things Like NSCA, NASM, ACE, Etc.?

(8:35) How Do You Determine Volume For Muscle Groups?

(10:19) Can We Skip Lunges & Still Achieve Decent Legs?

(11:56) How Long Should Metabolic & Neurological Phases Be If Your Main Goal Is Hypertrophy?

(14:15) How Many Steps Should You Take If You Work A Desk Job? What About For Fat Loss? Benefits Of Having A Step Count In General?

(18:37) I'm In A Fat Loss Phase But Have To Travel For Work. Should I Follow My Program Or Stop?

(21:03) Can You Have Fats Before Training? How Long Before Training Are Fats Ok?

(24:29) Amenorrhea—What Is It & Does It Hinder Muscle Growth?

(28:12) Favorite Exercises For Glutes? What About Quads?

(30:39) What Is Your Favorite Rep Scheme Or Rep Range To Train In?

(31:39) How To Improve Your Networking Within The Industry?

(35:17) What Are The Ideal Characteristics You Want To See In Your Clients?

(38:10) If You Could Only Have 1 Piece From Your Home Gym, What Would It Be?

(41:21) Wrap-Up

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