Podcasting for Entrepreneurs with Anna Parker-Naples

029 Why Your Listeners Aren't Coming Back

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Episode notes

Why your listeners are not coming back to listen to your show, and why your numbers might be dropping? This is something that even the most accomplished coaches who are podcasters are struggling with.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What quality of the audio you should aim for
  • Is there clarity of message as to why someone should listen to your podcast episode?
  • How quickly you should get down to the topic
  • How much are you promoting your podcast?
  • How you can demonstrate that your products, services and offers are coming from a place of giving value rather than overly selling and overly promoting
  • Is your content interesting enough for people to want to tune in? 
  • Is the need to interact with your listeners above and beyond just creating a podcast episode for them?

It's a good practice periodically to go back and listen to some of your own content with a pen in hand. If you think you're making some fundamental mistakes, or you're not even sure if you're making those mistakes, then come and check out The Podcast Growth Accelerator at www.annapn.co/growth